What to do in Saint-Émilion?

Visit the architectural heritage sites of the village: The King's Keep, the collegial church and its cloister, Cordeliers cloister, Ursuline's Convent and the monolithic church with its bell tower are among the many attractions you can see in the village. The hosts will be happy to provide you with directions, a map and a little bit of local knowledge to ensure your stay in Saint-Émilion is as enjoyable as possible.
Visit the wine cellars & vineyards in and around the village including:
- In the village: The Château Villemaurine, the Cordeliers, The Clos des Menuts, etc.
- Outside the village: The Château Cantenac, The Château Franc Pourret, The Château la Gaffelière, The Château Troplong Mondot, The Château Pindefleurs, etc.
Be part of many cultural activities including classic music concerts at castles, Saint-Émilion's Chateaux open days, the Philosophia festival, the Jazz festival, the European's Heritage Day, the grape harvest with fire works,and the hot-air balloon show of Saint-Émilion.

And different ways to go around:
- by electric and quiet tuk-tuk 
- by bike
- by foot, on the wine roads.

More information on the website : l'office du Tourisme.